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Atomizer AVEIRO

The Atomizer AVEIRO is a portable, flexible and efficient machine used in the prevention of plant diseases and controlling pests in large plantations of cotton, wheat, potatoes, vines, orchards, etc..
The atomizer can also be used for application od herbicides, for sanitization, and epidemics prevention spreading granular fertilizers and chemicals.
This equipment can be used in mountainous areas and small plots, or to help cleaning gardens. 

The atomizers AVEIRO are equipped with an italian engines (52 cc). 
Option with or without a lift pump.

Weight: +/- 11 Kgs
Tank Capacity: +/- 14 liters



Atomizer 3WF-3

The model 3WF-3 is one more equipment that completes our range of atomizers. The equipment design is unique. All the parts in contact with chemicals are made of reinforced plastic or stainless steel, which gives anti-corrosiveness and durability.
Option with or without a lift pump.

Weight: 11 Kg
Tank Capacity: 14-16 liters



Moto Sprayers     

High-pressure spray on cars equipped with engines of 1 or 2 wheels.
It is ideal to use in orchards, vineyards and disinfection.
Accessories included: a boom-speed of 60 cm and 10 feet high-pressure pipe.
Optional extra: winder.

Tank capacity: 75 or 100 liters