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Copper Cookware (Cataplana)


The cataplana is famous a container for cooking foods typical of Algarve.
It's sort of pot metal formed by two hollows that fit with the aid of a hinged and often with two side locks. Originally from copper or brass, the cataplana is currently manufactured in aluminum, but with a bath of copper to give a distinctive appearance.
It can be assumed that the cataplana is equivalent to the old cast iron cookware.

We manufacture cataplanas from Ø8 cm till Ø120cm.
How to use a Cataplana? - Instructions

Copper Pans | Pots Pastry

Confectioner copper pan with round bottom, ideal for Ovos Moles (soft eggs), a typical sweet of Aveiro.
We manufacture Pans Pastry from 5 liters till 25 liters

Copper and Brass Pans

Pans widely used in regional cuisine, especially to make Rojões (tipical portuguese food).
Also used as a decorative item.
We manufacture Copper and Brass Pans with miniature size till 25 liters.


Paellera or Paella

Containers as a pan, shallow and large 2 loops each. The paellera is widely used in the preparation of rice-based dishes typical of Valencian cuisine. Their size favors the cooking rice evenly.

We manufacture the Paellera with Ø28 cm, Ø34 cm and Ø40 cm; 5 cm of height.


We also do:

  • Several pieces made of copper and brass.
  • Coated chimneys in fireplaces the hammered copper.
  • Unique pieces of decoration.
  • Copper Cookware.
  • Braziers made of copper.
  • Coffee Maker made in Copper.
  • Scales.
  • Oil lamps.
  • Vases in copper and stainless steel.
  • We clean pieces in copper and brass.
  • Pots polished.

NOTE: Other measures and options require consultation. Contact us!